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Dear visitor

The passion for craftsmanship is a long running tradition in our  family. Since childhood I was fascinated by the smell and feel of wood, therefore it was no surprise when at age 16 I decided to become a  cabinet maker in Germany. I worked 12 years as a cabinet maker and harpsichord builder, before my wife (she  is a Diplomat for the German Foreign Office) was transfered to San  Francisco. It was there, when I first came in contact with bamboo fly rods, and what can I say it was love on first sight. During my childhood I spent many hours fishing with my father, but never before  saw a rod made from bamboo. Since I did a lot of antique furniture  restorations, I thought I would give it a try. I bought an old Pezon et Michel bamboo  rod and started to work on it. That was when I got hooked on bamboo  rods. After the first rod came the second, the third and so on. After some time and many more restorations, I decided to make my own rods.  This was many years ago and I am still fascinated by the craft of bamboo fly rod making. I especially emphasize on the finish of my rods, giving them a smooth mirrorlike surface. Since a few years I manufacture also hand sewn leather reel cases in Hardy D block or vom Hofe style and leather rod tubes. Bench made fly reels are a future product that I hope to present in the near future

Life is short fish bamboo